Forum OpenACS Q&A: How does 3.2.2beta3 compare to CVS at sourceforge.

I am getting ready to install my production server using ACS/pg, and I want to get the latest/greatest. I checked out a version from sourceforge several weeks ago, before your current beta 3 was released. Is beta 3 a snapshot taken from sourceforge? Also, I want to start my own CVS to track changes that I make to my site, but when I do a checkout from sourceforge, I get the CVS directories included. I'm sure there is a cvs command for getting a snapshot, but I haven't figured it out yet. Any best practice advice would be greatly appreciated.

3.2.2 beta3 is the latest and greatest. There are a couple of tweaks that are in the CVS tree now that aren't in beta3, but very little. If you checked things out 3 weeks ago, you definitely want beta3. In general, it's easier to stick to an official beta version for a live site so you can more easily get help from the developers.

If you want to check things out of SourceForge just for usage, you need to do a "cvs export" but for that you'll need to use a tag, which is basically the same thing as getting a beta version, since those are the ones we tag :)

Tha brings up a good point. I have our club web site using ACS/pg since it was in alpha (yes, I am either really brave or really stupid, probably the latter 😊 ).

Anybody knows where can I find docs on how to get a CVS running on my server so it makes a snapshot of my files and the files I've changed and then when I need to upgrade for the latest ACS/pg it will tell me which files were modified (or are conflicting) ? I rememebr having seen something like this on but I am not sure if it covers stuff like that.

Suggestions, hints, etc. are welcome of course (r).



The best link at for cvs is At that url, there is a link to using CVS with ACS. I think that it is very informative, but it doesn't cover real c-vs. I think that it would be very helpful if someone could explain or point us in the right direction on reconciling two branches diverging from a common place.


there is a section in the CVS texinfo documentation about "Tracking third-party sources". The idea is to have a vendor branch in your local repository where the OpenACS releases are stored. Your own changes are put into the main trunk of the revision tree. If a new release comes out, you merge the changes since the last release into the main trunk.

A Web interface to this section can e.g. be found at