Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Browser caching problem

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Thanks for that Mark. That thread got me thinking about proxy servers. I guess in this case the VPN handles that... I must do a Google on VPN caching issues.

I have the no-cache on some of the more important pages already. I'll consider putting it in the default-master - wonder that'll affect performance? Shouldn't really I imagine as almost every page is dynamic already....

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
If you have a 'logged in as ...' blurb on your pages, then you want them to have no-cache headers for sure.

Either put it in your default-master or backport the ad_http_cache_control from 5.0 and the occurances in the rp where it is called - this will result in pages generated without the default-master template to have the headers too. Or use Bart's proc - all a matter of taste ;)