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70: Re: XoWiki (response to 69)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Hi Nima,

the test cases appear to be correct in the head version. In the case of the table view, with "@table:a1,a2", it says first "yes" "no" and then "no" "no". I am not sure if it is worth backporting the fixes from the head version to oacs-5-3, since it is in some respects already quite different, and i have a very tough schedule until i leave on monday morning (including the materials for the conference).

The plan is to produce another stable version from head in the oacs-5-4 branch, which will have these problems fixed.

The permission stuff is simple to fix, there were no rules for Form in policy2 and policy3; see:
One is only allowed to call methods if a policy permits it. Removing entries from there (or not adding it) makes methods unaccessible via the url interface.

71: Re: XoWiki (response to 70)
Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
Thank you. I will test with head version.