Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ns_db not enabled

Posted by Jose Mercado on
The first error I get is as follows:

[24/Apr/2000:14:17:38][16730.1024][-main-] Error: nsd.db: no such default pool: main

In my nsd.tcl this is set up with:

ns_section "ns/db/pool/main"
ns_param  Driver            postgres
ns_param  Connections      4
ns_param  MaxOpen          1000000000
ns_param  MaxIdle          1000000000
ns_param  DataSource
ns_param  User              web
ns_param  Verbose          Off
ns_param  LogSQLErrors      Off
ns_param  ExtendedTableInfo  On

I get no other errors until the stuff that starts happening with
Error: nsd.tcl: command "ns_db" is not enabled.

If more output would be useful here goes.

[24/Apr/2000:15:08:47][16759.1026][-sched-] Error: nsd.tcl: command "ns_db" is not enabled
command "ns_db" is not enabled
    while executing
"ns_db gethandle"
    invoked from within
"set db [ns_db gethandle]..."
    (procedure "ug_init_serve_group_pages" line 2)
    invoked from within
    ("eval" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"eval [concat [list $proc] $args]"
    (procedure "ad_run_scheduled_proc" line 43)
    invoked from within
"ad_run_scheduled_proc {f t 1 ug_init_serve_group_pages {} 956603326 0 t}"

Is teh Main pool problem a cause or a result of th e teh postgres module's failure to load?  There seems to be no mention at all of the
postgres module in the aolserver output, what am I missing here?