Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Installing .lrn cvs almost there

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Welcome Adde. We are having a .LRN meeting in Guatemala right now and the difficulty in getting it installed came up in the meeting today as something we need to work on. So stay strong. We are aware of the pain you are going through and it will get better soon. I am guessing you probably do not want to wait another few months, so let's get started...

Have you changed the first portion (servname, hostname, ip, etc.) of the config.tcl file you should be able to find in /var/lib/aolserver/YOURSERVERNAME/etc/config.tcl ?

Does your error log say anything when you try to start it up?

Use the command "tail -f /var/lib/aolserver/YOURSERVERNAME/log/error.log" to watch it on startup.

If you post some of these details, you will make it easier for people in the forums to help you get going.

Also, the IRC channel is a good place to get some more immediate feedback (although a couple of the people that are usually there are at the meeting this week).