Forum OpenACS Development: Re: OpenACS 5.0 package purge

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Dirk, if you mean the old written-by-aD address-book package, I tried it back in early 2001 on ACS 4.2beta, and it was basically junk. A few good UI ideas, but the data model was lousy, even limited testing gave me very mysterious unfixable bugs (either in it or in the underlying Places package, I forget), and it just plain never really worked at all. (I may have some old emails somewhere detailing specific problems, but I doubt anyone cares by this point...)

Given the state address-book was in back then, I doubt anyone ever improved it. Or even used it! There should be old posts around by Jon Griffin and others saying how bad address-book and places were, describing alternatives, etc.

Posted by Jeff Davis on
Address-book should just be cvs removed I think as the places module on which it was built was cvs removed on the 19th of august, 2001 and it has not worked since. I think two years is long enough for it to have been broken in search of someone to fix it.