Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Parent_id for folders with no parent in acs-content-repository

I have a half-baked idea about CR folders, which would integrate it with the site map.

My thinking is that packages which wants to use CR for storage, but not particularly for content delivery, such as bug-tracker, I don't see any reason for the single CR folder hierarchy idea, where you have to construct a globally unique name somehow.

CR folders should hang off of site-map folders.

And in the cases where you do want to have CR folders actually reflect pages in a CMS, it'd still be most logical to use the site map for this, given that it'd actually be a site map.

So my thinking is that we should somehow merge site map with CR folders, though I'm not sure what it'd look like.

Does this spur any creative thinking with you CR gurus out there?


I would think a good cr/cms would be able to represent a website. I've been playing around with a term 'Content Application'. This is simply an application that is essentially dealing with content. In contrast, a shopping basket isn't a content application, or the APM, not. But a website has all the qualities needed. In the case of OpenACS the problem is most websites contain packages which are not content applications. Integration is a head scratcher. The point may be that the cr can represent:

  • Actual Content -- web pages, images
  • Structure -- directories
  • Mount points (pointers to applications/packages?)
  • Application data.
  • I guess the idea would be to replace the site map with something you could pull from the cr.

    If this is pursued, it would be nice to work on Don's ideas of providing a simplified content repository that doesn't maintain revisions.