Forum OpenACS Development: Re: AOLServer 4.0 Support in 5.0?

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
The AOLserver 4.0 i18n work was inspired by/based on the AD API, so there shouldn't be many problems.  In the 4.0 draft documentation - - you'll see ns_charsets, ns_encodingforcharset, ns_cookiecharset, etc.  No one has written documentation for these yet, but perhaps someone from the OpenACS community will find the time to contribute it.
Posted by Jeff Davis on
Mark, In terms of support by I would say there are a number of us who have been using 4.0 regularly through the beta period so there is plenty of expertise about how to get it to work (and I have not encountered any problems with it since beta10 I think).

I believe internally AOL has cut over to 4.0 ( definitely has, not sure about other sites) so I am pretty confident it has gotten a good workout and is production ready.

Yes, I think we should switch to 4.0 as the recommended version although I am not sure we can get the install docs revised in time for 5.0 so it might happen with 5.1.