Forum OpenACS Development: Re: AOLServer 4.0 Support in 5.0?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
AFAIK there is still no SSL module that works with AOLserver 4.0. Last we heard on the AOLserver list, Scott Goodwin was still working on it.
Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
It hasn't been released, but the nsopenssl in the SourceForge repository (3.x) works with AOLserver 4.0 for me. I made some minor modifications to compile on Win32 and to fix two bugs - one bug was that the debug trace wasn't respecting an off configuration and one bug was causing blank error messages in the logs. The documentation hasn't been fully updated yet, and the config file settings are quite different than in 2.x, so I'm not suggesting a rush to use it in production, but...

Scott is in the process of a major refactoring and is hoping to release another version in the next few days. If you aren't on the AOLserver mailing list, here's some information on the direction nsopenssl is heading in:

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
ns_openssl has been successfully installed for our Squirrelmail in OpenACS project. Goutham is writing up the documentation as it did not work out that easy. But to come back to the original statment. Yes, we do have AOLserver 4 with ns_openssl running. Should this be enough to warrant the use of AOLserver for OpenACS ?