Forum OpenACS Q&A: Erros during server startup

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Posted by Roberto Mello on
Hi all,

I have OpenACS (yeay !) beta 2 running in a GNU/Linux box with PostgreSQL 7 beta 3 and all is well, except for this error that I get everytime I restart AOLserver:

[25/Apr/2000:18:52:23 -0600]
    Error: ns_source
Error:(invalid command name "}")
    Notice: Loading /home/web/server1/tcl/bboard-defs.tcl

All the other .tcl files in my tcl/ directory are loaded just fine, except for the address-book one. Anybody knows why and what to do about it ?



Posted by Ben Adida on
that's been fixed in Beta3. There was an extra "}" in address-defs.tcl.