Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ACS/pg is disrupting AOLserver

Posted by David Richards on
Good morning!  I slept very well, thank you.  I tried to sleep for only 3 hours, but it's been 6!

Anyway, I thought while I have some expert attention, I could use some help telling openACS (Is that what you're calling ACS/pg now?) about postgres.  Last night I found someone's post that included a section of their nsd.tcl file.  After using that, and guessing with a thing or two, I know I don't have it right.  Here's what I've got at the end of the file (warning, it's pretty messy):

# This section is cut from a post in the ACS/pg bb

ns_section "ns/db/drivers"
ns_param postgres
#ns_param postgres

ns_section "ns/db/pools"
ns_param users "nsadmin"

ns_section "ns/db/pool/users"
ns_param Driver "postgres"
ns_param User "postgres"
ns_param Datasource ""
#ns_param Datasource ""

ns_param Connection 10

ns_log notice "nsd1.tcl: finished reading config file."

I know that a lot of what I've got above is just a wild guess at what I'm supposed to tell AOLserver, but I'm not sure what to try.  Any suggestions?  (with a test index.adp, I can confirm that I can't see the db.  However, I can see, insert, and delete as nsadmin from the command line using psql.)