Forum OpenACS Q&A: MySQL Gotchas - a link for PG/MySQL questions...

This link points out some of the "gotchas" that MySQL users have to deal with:

One example that jumped out at me:  if you turn on the InnoDB type tables, you can drop any table, even one referenced by another table, i.e. you can break foreign key constraints with impunity.  And you need to turn on InnoDB... in order to get transactions.

Posted by Guan Yang on
I think you can do the same with non-InnoDB type tables (e.g. MyISAM tables). ;-)
Posted by Jade Rubick on
Can we link to this from the "Why not MySQL" page?
Posted by Mark Aufflick on
My favourites are the first one about how inserting a null into a not null column with no default attempts to insert some "reasonable" default instead of throwing an error (that one has hurt me before)

and 1.13 - date columns accept, eg. 2003-02-31

grr - why do so many of my clients INSIST on mysql :(