Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Installing .lrn cvs almost there

Posted by Victor Guerra on
You have to start your aolserver using the config.tcl provided within the dotlrn distro. You will find your config.tcl under:


You can edit some variables in that file, for example, httpport, db_host, db_user, etc.

Good news you have aolserver and postgresql working already.

Posted by adde esson on
Thank you for taking time.

I trying on a local machine. 8000.

debian:/home/asl# gedit /var/www/dotlrn/etc/config.tcl

trying with http://localhost:8000

from config.tcl
set httpport 8000
set httpsport 8443
# If setting port below 1024 with AOLServer 4, read comments in file:
# /var/lib/aolserver/service0/packages/etc/daemontools/run

# The hostname and address should be set to actual values.
# setting the address to means aolserver listens on all interfaces
set hostname [ns_info hostname]
#set address [ns_info address]
set address

# Note: If port is privileged (usually < 1024), OpenACS must be
# started by root, and, in AOLserver 4, the run script have a
# '-b address' flag which matches the address according to settings (above)

set server "service0"
set servername "New OpenACS Installation - Development"

set serverroot "/var/lib/aolserver/${server}"

# which database do you want? postgres or oracle
set database postgres

set db_name $server

if { $database == "oracle" } {
set db_password "mysitepassword"
} else {
set db_host localhost
set db_port "8000"
set db_user $server

excuse me for my low level questions but im stuck here..