Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Assessment "Son of Survey" package discussion

Since most people ended up with conflicts during the planned chat today, Malte and I decided to reschedule for next week:

0700PST = 1000EST = 1500GMT = 1600CET = 2030IST on Wed 11/26

Hope that works for most people who want to join in. The objectives for this chat (and the ongoing asynchronous discussion via doc/comments we're developing in the Projects section, plus discussions here) are:

1. agree on a common data model that supports identified uses (educational; clinical trials; others? -- this is where we're focused now)

2. define areas where we have distinct, nonoverlapping functionality in the application domains, and what this implies for the datamodel and UIs

3. review development time-table

A couple of the most difficult/interesting issues are how to handle data validation steps, and whether to use curriculum, workflow or our own version of workflow for the branching/sequencing mechanisms.