Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Parent_id for folders with no parent in acs-content-repository


This sounds very nice.

Yeah, we should write a new site-map without the failures of the old one.

I think for a groupware type situation, dropping in applications makes sense. For this situation, I actually want it to be a list of applications with checkboxes next to it, so you just check off the functionality you want in your group.

For content management, a site-map is perfect. Let's revisit that for 5.1.


Btw, I added a short section on magic objects for site root and unmounted packages to the document:

Lars, it's not entirely clear to me why you would subclass folder_symlink from folder (although I guess I can see some justification).

We should also think about the things which currently end up with context_id null (which includes user, apm_*, acs_sc_* notification_*, and portal_*). For the service ones they could be under the service instance, but I think for users we should have another magic object to hang users off (which would let us permission people to admin user accounts via that magic object).

I would like there to be no null context_ids in acs_objects (other than the security_context_root).

Also, you say

Today, in order to find the ID of the main site, you have to query the site map for the site node with no parent, and the object_id will be the main site. Having a deliberate magic object for the site root should be slightly faster, and actually more robust, since we're guaranteed to just have one.
but I think getting at it by using the url "/" will do it w/o a db query at all (although I agree a magic object would be good to have as well).