Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: What is a Community in 5.0?

Posted by Staffan Hansson on
Don, I'm glad my patronizing and uncompromising post pissed you off, because that means you will have no trouble understanding that your condescending sarcasms on the OCT meeting (regarding those community members who expressed their opinions in this thread) were out of line. Arrogance sucks, whoever is guilty of it, but perhaps leadership arrogance sucks the most, because it shuts people up.

Just so nobody will think that I've developed some sort of personal enmity or aversion toward Don, I want to make it clear that I've always totally respected the leadership of the confident Don; I just feel a little less strongly about the superior Don, that's all. If I were a bit more intelligent and well hung, I would have told it to you straight instead of performing some silly tit-for-tat social experiment. My bad...

Anyway, the sun has just returned to Stockholm after a month's absence, so it's likely that my mood will improve noticeably from now on. Sorry for being a jerk.

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Changed it to 'Subsite' in oacs-5-0.