Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Win32-OpenACS Version 1.5

Posted by Enrique Catalan on

We had similar problems and we fixed them doing the 

<blockquote>Some problems I came across:
A problem are the usage of *nix commands like gunzip and 
others in OpenACS. This breaks stuff like APM and 
We used gzip for Win32 ( ) and just
changed the path/executable parameter in the site-map.

<blockquote>Everytime I install a package I am asked to enter the 
password of postgres for each *-create.sql in the shell.
Are you running the 'nsd' without '-f' flag?

<blockquote>I installed xowiki (required several packages like 
acs-datetime, acs-event, xotcl-core, rss-support, 
file-storage, oacs-dav, categories, general-comments...). 
After restart oacs is broken. Apparently xotcl 1.6.0 is not
loaded. Any idea why?

Check if XOTcl works in the tclsh (it should be there).  If 
you run a 'package require XOTcl' you should get the version
number.  Then, add the 'package require XOTcl' at the 
beginning of the library that is trying to run XOTcl.  

<blockquote>Usage of developer support crashes nsd. No idea why. 
This is because this version of Aolserver has some problems 
with the time&date function: ns_fmttime.  I guess this
function is not supported in Windows.  You might need to
replace all the occurrences of this function by 'clock' in 
the oacs code sice it will crash in other places if you
don't change that.

Hope that helps!