Forum OpenACS Development: VUH Performance Hit?

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Posted by Randy O'Meara on
I'm redesigning a package layout and it's looking like two serial Virtual Url Handlers (VUH) might be optimal. In my case, this design minimizes the number of separate page tcl/adp pairs and thus enhances code maintainability.

It works like this:

The first VUH is <pkg>/www/index.vuh and is the only user-accessible page in the www directory. This VUH performs all common processing (permissions/roles, common query vars, etc) and then does an internal redirect to an object collection-specific VUH (e.g. <pkg>/pages/collection1.vuh).

The second (collection-specific) VUH performs some processing and does an internal redirect to the real page tcl/adp pair (e.g. <pkg>/pages/<object1-op>) that then provides content to the user.


Are these internal redirects "heavy" operations? Do I incur additional page processing overhead by the RP for things like permissions checking? Compared to a normal tcl/adp page request, how much addition system processing overhead is incurred? 100%? 0%?



2: Re: VUH Performance Hit? (response to 1)
Posted by Don Baccus on
In performance mode - which is what counts on a production system - there should be virtually no difference in request processor overhead.