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8: Re: 5.0 branched from HEAD (response to 7)
Posted by Jeff Davis on
Sure (you might want to think about a tagging strategy so you know whats been merged each way before you start going back and forth though). Also, I committed a bunch of stuff on oacs-5-0 so before you start changing head you might want to merge that over.

Generally it's a *lot* easier to work in one place and just merge forward (i.e. do everything on 5.0 and merge to head). Any time you merge forward you should tag what was merged). Maybe we should have oacs-5-merged-to-head and oasc-5-pending-to-head or something like that for such things. and then the merge process would be

cvs update -j oacs-5-merged-to-head -j oacs-5-pending-to-head foo
and when the merge was committed you would roll oacs-5-merged-to-head forward to the oacs-5-pending-to-head tag.