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6: Response to Group bboards (response to 1)
Posted by Roberto Mello on
Hi Titi,

I downloaded Ybos' group scoped bboard module and made a diff against our bboard module. I just looked at two or three files now for I have to study for my final tomorrow, but the changes are just in the Oracle/PG SQL dialects, besides the procs that you added.

I'll port it tomorrow and we could provide that as optional in OpenACS or maybe even integrate it. Supposedly aD is rewriting bboard to be group scoped isn't it ? But I need it now so I'll just do it.

One thing I noticed is that you removed many standard proc calls like [ad_pvt_home] for your own "Lisa Home" in the defs files. Why is that ? Isn't it easier to just leave these calls and use the .ini file to configure it ?

Thanks for making the module available.