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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
concerning book: have you seen
In a nutshell:
- if you have oacs-5-3, book requires the postgres module ltree. Once it is installed, pages get an additional column page_order (labeled "Section"). Page-order is used to provide the ordering within a "book" (like
- in the version from oacs-head, the strict dependency on ltree is gone, books work now as well for oracle.

There is no slide show presentation option, but there is an additional package called s5, available from cvs. It uses as well page_order, but additionally the s5 package

It is similar to the book-mode and uses page_order as well. Here are as example the slides of the xowiki tutorial from the last openacs conference in guatemala:

3: Re: xoWIKI - Includelets (response to 2)
Posted by Christian Fuchs on
Thanks that helps.
But I have still problems with all the parameters in includelets and forms.

* i.e. I have a form which uses site-wide categories. I can select the categories in the form but these entries are not shown in the categories tree. Regular page are shown. In the form constraint I see that categories can be enabled for forms with @categories: (But what is the value, I tried @categorie:true; did not work)

* How can I use a fileUpload - Field with user forms.

I do not want to bother you, but xowiki is great, but without tcl knowledge it is very hard to be used by a regular user (Which I am not because I have programming knowledge (not in Tcl).

I would love to see more working examples and explanations about the parameters for different commands.

* ie. I would also like to use "{{create-item-button -page_id -alt new -book_mode false}} ", but I did not succeed with "{{create-item-button -page_id "de:testpage" -alt new -book_mode false}}"

How is the right command for getting an add - button which opens the form "de:newentry"?