Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What *should* a good architecture Look Like?

Don, I'm not sure which reference you mean, but it might be

Janine, I think there's a need for both approaches. Some of my clients would find the more "ornate" system very useful. They develop large quantities of fairly detailed (and interactive) online training/educational material with folks collaborating across (world-wide) organizations. Their workflow process is very messy and the technological savvy of the contributors varies enormously. The content needs to be easily localized/internationalized. In this sort of a situation, Karl's system would be just the ticket. Admittedly, most of these clients would want to implement this in ACS Classic behind their fire walls. However, I foresee the day when they will go to an ASP for this sort of a thing, in which case running it on OpenACS would work just great (provided that Postgres continues to scale up).