Forum OpenACS Q&A: Dynamic Publishing System

Posted by Grant Schofield on
Picking up the slashdot thread, had anyone played around with getting
Karl's Dynamic Publishing System working with OpenACS? (URL:
Posted by Don Baccus on
Our strategy has been to port releases, rather than work in progress, as an effort to conserver our resources.

Since 4.0 is going to be a total reorganization of the ACS, with 3.3 being a large step from 3.2, at the moment our goal is to firm up a 3.2 final release.  We may skip 3.3 altogether and just work on 4.0.

Of course, if you're interested in porting Karl's stuff now, no one's going to tell you not to!  This is just our thinking at the moment.  4.0's going to be a lot of grungy, grungy work...

Posted by Michael A. Cleverly on
I've gotten Karl's DPS working on AOLserver/Solid without hardly any real work... I'd expect it should install cleanly into the latest OpenACS just as it would with ACS Classic.  I didn't have a lot of luck initially with his 0.4 tarball--instead, I downloaded the latest sources by browsing it online and then stripping out the four or five lines of HTML formatting at the top and bottom.

I know Karl's system is only one of several different ways aD is looking at to separate out presentation, and I have no idea what the others are, but ACS 4.0 will be pretty slick if Karl's system is used.

Where I work we've been using it now for about a week and our "content" and graphics people feel newly empowered, I don't get pestered to go in and modify .tcl code as much.  I'd actually hope aD would release it as a completely stand-alone system for AOLserver, in addition to rolling it in as an option for ACS Classic.