Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS Brazillian users group meeting

Hi everybody,

I'm happy to announce the first (or the second, if you consider this) OpenACS Brazillian users group meeting. The event will take place at the 9th International Free Software Forum (FISL 9.0) in Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil, from April 17th to 19th.

The Brazillian commuity is growing and we already have 607 members from many different states in country. We also have a lot of translated documentation, wich is an effort to make the OpenACS framework popular between Brazillian developers.

The community events will be splited in two parts:

  • Community meeting:April 17th from 01h00 to 04h00 PM.

    The idea is to gather the most important OpenACS projects in Brazil, so we know what everybodu else is doing. They are:
    1. OpenACS history in Brazil, by Rodrigo Proença
    2. OpenACS projects in Embrapa by Orzenil Silva
    3. Citizenship Territories Portal, by Alessandro Landim
    4. SPU Colaborative Portal, by Vitor Silva
    5. Virtual Public Market, by Eduardo Santos

  • Workshop: April 18th from 01h00 to 05h00 PM.

    The idea here is to give the new programmers a general view about development with the framework tools. The worked concepts will be OpenACS MVC model, basic API's (ad_form, list bulider, db_*, ad_proc), acessibility and Zen technics, building social networks with XoWiki and XoTCL and OO model basics. All these topics in only four hours

The whole event is about making the community grow and share technical experiences. We hope in next events maybe somebody from the CORE Team can attend (Ok, it's a dream, but what's life without a dream?). If you are in FISL at the time, come and join us at the meeting.

Posted by Don Baccus on
This is very cool, Eduardo. I'd love to come sometime, but two weeks notice is a bit short! :)

Will you be posting a report after the conference? I'm sure everyone here would love to hear about it.

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Don,

Sorry about the late warning, but I was waiting for the lab confirmation.

I'll post a report, yes. Maybe we can post some pictures or videos, depending on what we can achieve.