Forum OpenACS Development: Translation Server Upgraded to Openacs 5.4.1b1 and .LRN 2.4.0a1

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Translation Server has been upgraded to Openacs 5.4.1b1 and .LRN 2.4.0a1.

New package have been installed:

  • imsld
  • imsld-portlet
  • dotlrn-imsld
  • theme-zen
  • If you want to contribute in doing translations, just let us
    know and we can create you an account in the translation
    server. Send an email to oct_at_openacs_dot_org or contact
    me (vguerra) in the IRC Channel ( #openacs ) .

    I am going to wait a week, so people can
    do translations. Then I'll export the message keys
    to catalog files and then commit them to the CVS repository.