Forum OpenACS Development: Re: CVS: bugfixes only go to a branch

Posted by Eduardo Pérez on
> Its mostly a resource issue, we feel it's more important
> to get the bug fixes in for the pending release than it
> is to keep head up to date so thats what we focus on.
But, HEAD developers will have a hard time with bugs in HEAD.

> It also ends up being easier to merge at well defined spots
> than to merge from the release branch continually.
It may be easier. I don't know if it is.

> Also, we don't want to merge from HEAD to the release branch
> (except in a very controlled way) since then we risk pulling
> in code which should not be released.
Of course not.

> Eduardo, what work on HEAD is it you need that is not on the
> release branch?
Nothing, but I was hit by a bug in HEAD that was fixed in the branch and I had to move to oacs-5-0.