Forum OpenACS Q&A: Version on home page

Posted by Brian Fenton on
5.4.0 has been the latest version for 2 months now (over 4000 downloads!), however the home page still says the current stable release is 5.3.2. Can someone fix this please (or give me access and I'll do it)?


Posted by Victor Guerra on
Hi Brian, thanks for the warning! I just changed the version of the latest release to 5.4.1 ( Don released 5.4.1 today! ).
Posted by Don Baccus on
Last month I raised the idea of having an online meeting to gather folks together to hack on the site, making sure especially that the front page and other places with information are at least reasonable.

Obviously we can't all type on the same page at the same time, but we could collaborate and toss ideas around and work on wording together.

There's been a side project to redesign the site but that's not come up with any conclusive results thus far, so we should do some sort of stop-gap on the *content* (not graphic design or structure) of the site.

We'll talk about it at this week's OCT meeting, Wednesday, 9AM PDT/Noon EDT/1800 CET.

Feel free to come lurk and participate, or watch for a possible announcement of a time at which we'll gather together to improve things (we'll probably devote one of our scheduled OCT meetings).

Oh, BTW, the latest version is actually 5.4.1, but that happened after you posted :)