Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Tipping of coding practices ?

Posted by Dirk Gomez on

I don't think it needs to be tipped. Who would disagree on using good coding practices? Noone.

What we need is a project and a project leader/supervisor for such a code cleanup adventure. Here's a list of to-dos:

  • Move pages towards using ad_form or formbuilder. This is more secure because they generate hashes that make sure that your POST request came from your webserver. It reduces code, makes code more readable etc.
  • Move pages towards using listbuilder. Way less code, more UI consistency, more code consistency
  • Audit code for unused procs and code snippets and remove/depecrate them.
  • Document code.
  • Move apart table/index creation and package creation, so packages can be recompiled easily.

I have not enough time to coordinate this, so if someone else steps up I would gladly do a bit of worker-bee work here and there.

I'll sink my time into a performance and scalability project for which I am writing up some text currently. Stay tuned on this one.