Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Article on ACS x Zope

Posted by Jimmie Houchin on
For those of you not following Zope (and that will be me soon), Zope has just added a, hmmm (thinks a minute) feature.

DC has decided add Perl as an available language to Zope.

Perl people are being invited to the dance but only in limited capacity. For now Perl will be limited to "Perl Methods" which are editable thru the web. All else will require that they use Python. Or else the Perl community will have to hack in other capabilities into Zope. Which they can, Zope is OS after all.

DC plans on opening up Zope to multiple languages. This is just the beginning.

I prefer the model I see with ACS/OpenACS. I like the idea of a single unifying language. I agree with Philip on this. I also like the direction I see aD going on 4.0. Clean up the model and code, add features.

I have decided against my parallel development and will be going with OpenACS.

Go OpenACS.