Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Tipping of coding practices ?

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Though code *can* be documentation, OpenACS is a very good example for code *should not* be documentation. We have a lot of ancient code within the system, that does not adhere to any standards set forth. Within the community we defined some standards by just adopting them, though some people still forget to do so, which is okay. My original question was only driving in the direction of getting a document of coding practises out (sad to hear Andrew has not time to do it, as he has a lot of ideas on that topic). And once we have these practises, we can encourage / enforce all *new* code to follow these practises.

Dirks point of cleaning up the code base is a very good one. I assume we might be able to do so during one of the OACS festivals with a lot of "worker bees" helping out. After all this is a good way for fresh developers to take a look at the code *and* learn the coding principles set forth.

My fear is that the principles will never be written down, unless I start to write this document. My hope is that Jade and Joel could devide this task between themselves. My goal is to not let this idea die and get documented coding principles out. Someday.

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
Jade's Things to remember when developing on OpenACS seem like a good place to start for coding standards.
Posted by Jade Rubick on
Just for clarification, I did not create that list. It was assembled by Jun or someone else. Many people contributed to it. I just have it linked in from

I think there's a thread a way back that describes putting that together.