Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Immediate Future of the SDM module

Posted by Nathan Reeves on
Ben,  extremely good to hear.

Just to expand on Roberts mail,  I hunted through SDM a bit and found that if I copied the /sdm/pvt to /sdm/admin/pvt, alot of the 404 errors dissapear.  Just coming back to me now,  was there a problem with the admin portion of SDM not checking the groups properly so anyone could play with the admin functions??  This the reason pvt doesn't exist below admin??

Had to edit /sdm/admin/package-modules.tcl to remove 'current_version' from both the SQL statement and also the html output, as the field doesn't exist in any of the sdm DB tables.

Also seemed to be missing update-packages.tcl from /sdm/admin.

Now I've copied the pvt directory around,  starting to fall into place.