Forum OpenACS Q&A: RFC - possible problems with using web forwarding instead of virtual hosting

I currently have 3 domains hosted on a single ip -, and The current setup uses (similar to dyndns) to forward requests to those domains to the correct port of my ip number (a different port for each site obviously). It seems to be problem free as far as I can tell. My question is - is there any disadvantage to this virtual hosting solution as opposed to going through the hassle of setting up apache and pound or nsvhosts? Any foreseeable problems with https or certs or other security issues? So far all the sites are just at the 'toying around' stage so very low traffic - any problems with this setup if traffic were to increase substantially? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Having the 3 DNS entries point to the 3 different port numbers on your server, all using the same IP address, means that your URLs will definitely have port number in them. Some people don't like this, they want their publically visible URLs to look like "" not "".

I'm not sure whether there are any other drawback or not. (For example, SSL certificates.)