Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Jobs? Vacancies? Too much work?

Posted by Mark Aufflick on
I sympathise Simon :) I want freelance 4 years ago, and the only rule about what work I would take was that Microsoft technologies had to be less than 20% of the role. I have done enough Windows NT installs for more than one lifetime...

Unfortunately that rule has sent me broke :( Things seem to be picking up, and I think I might be able to break even without taking a full time contract in either Solaris or Windows admin (Solaris would be ok i guess, but sysadmin work is hardly satisfying once you have been a coder).

We should get going on the Bazzar concept for

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
FWIW, the Bootstrapping an Infrastructure concepts and strategies seem to be the proven way to apply programming and engineering skills to "system administration" problems.

There are even some people and projects same tackling those issues for MS Windows installations, although fewer (and with greater difficulty) than for Unix-like systems. Which, you could even view as an opportunity, as in the Windows world, you are even less likely to encounter competent competition than with Unix! ;)

(And personally, I really, really wish there were more people doing that sort of thing... on any OS platform. Using and maintaining computers today still has far, far too much friction.)