Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Article on ACS x Zope

Posted by Jimmie Houchin on
Actually much of Zope's issues are derived from contract/consulting work. DC creates Zope products for clients, and if of general interest and client permitting releases them open source.

This creates a large body of work which previously had only it's developers working on it so it is understood by them but undocumented. It just takes time for the docs and community understanding to catch up. But we would rather have it available and undocumented than to not. This enables the community to use the product and help document. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship.

DC is creating a very nice api and help system for Zope. This will speed up learning Zope. As the api's are cleaned up, published and as what is 'core' Zope becomes more clear it will be easier to build a foundation knowledge of Zope. Once having attained a foundation knowledge the rest will be much easier.

I just don't see any mountains being created out of molehills myself. I see an excellent product which like many in software development the understanding and documentation lag behind the development.

It is apparent that Zope and ACS are approached by different philosophies. One who believes that either is the right way will likely not agree with the views of the other. Such is life.

The fact still remains that a developer who is like-minded with his tools can be very productive with them. If he tries to use tools which diverge significantly from his views and philosophy will be battling his tools and consequently less productive.

Both can be good tools.