Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What *should* a good architecture Look Like?

I was the one who posted about getting Karl's stuff to work on Solid (in this other OpenACS forum thread). Getting it to work on Solid consisted of:
  • Downloading the source (each file individually rather than the tarball)
  • Installing 00-ad-preload.tcl and the *.preload files from the ACS/OpenACS Tcl library
  • Naming my database pools main, subquery, and log
  • Following the rest of Karl's installation instructions (i.e. .ini file settings)
Since OpenACS already has the right files in the Tcl private directory, I bet you'll find you can simply download and the drop the source right into place and be off and running. I only had to make one change to his code for Solid (where he gets todays date by querying dual). I just changed it to return [ns_fmttime [ns_time] "%Y-%m-%d"] instead. I've made one or two other tweaks to add a bit of functionality, but nothing much.

I'm guessing, from looking at Karl's site, that the full-fledged DPS 1.0 will eventually *not* be database agnostic, but to date, the templating ascpets at least are. I'm tied up with work today, but if nobody beats me to it, I'll grab the latest OpenACS source from sourceforge and see how well Karl's DPS 0.4 drops in to place this weekend.

I'm interested in hearing what other people have to say about David's post above. Also, Ben, do you (or does anyone else) have any insight into where aD will actually end up going with 4.0?