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18: Re: cvs woes (response to 15)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Hm, let's see. Branch revision is definitely ok, you get that by doing one vendor import (rev., changing nothing on the head (still, then branching ( (I have a known good example in front of me that shows the exact same thing). And rev. would then be the first revision on that branch. And this is supposed to be the branch for "release-2003-11-18", so... It's fine. I'm reasonably sure anyway. Looks like Tammy branched for a release, then fixed a bug on the branch; entirely normal.

CVS is really only a per-file version control system, remember. The revision number on the file is not necessarily in sync in any fashion whatsoever with the revision numbers of any other files. The tag is the only thing that groups all those branch revisions of individual files together into one big thing we think of as "the branch".