Forum OpenACS Q&A: [OCT] Agenda

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Posted by Lars Pind on
- 5.0.0 release status

There are at least two blockers: 4.6.3-5.0.0 upgrade and translation server update.

- Road map


2: [OCT] Meeting Notes (response to 1)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Despite beeing 15 minutes late, I still agreed to do the meeting notes. This time a little bit faster and not so splendid as the last times, I will improve again ;).

1) Release status:

There are two blocking issues: Upgrading and the translation update. The latter is in the plate of Collaboraid.

Upgrading proves to be difficult. It might be good to postpone automatic upgrading to a later stage (5.0.1).

Don has made a patch for bug 1144, waiting to commit and close. Agreement was reached to talk about movin 1235 and 936 to non-blocking status.

2) Roadmap.

It became clear that there are different understandings of the roadmap, what it needs to provide and if it makes sense to have multiple documents. Malte will start a thread on the various documents that are needed to keep the community informed and steering towards certain common goals.