Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to web hosting services supporting postgresql?

Posted by Albert Langer on
Just to encourage those thinking of launching...
Expect significant international usage (and revenue). Bandwidth (and therefore webhosting) is dramatically cheaper in north america than elsewhere (eg Australia about 20 cents to end users, 9 cents to ISPs, that's per MB, not per GB/month). Particular problem is need to do more complex sites with databases locally anyway because of difficulty finding web hosting companies that supply this at rates not tailored for large corporations, so if the database has to be local with only modest increment over US (corporate oriented) rates, then the whole system ends up staying with it. Anybody willing to take care of keeping postgres alive and well and talking to a nearby webserver (while the customer takes care of the actual sql and web stuff) should get lots of international customers. Many would be willing to pay for separate boxes - they just need somewhere to park them and keep them running (box costs are negligible compared with bandwidth costs for international users).