Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Article on ACS x Zope

Posted by Roberto Mello on
The point being discussed here is more on design, approach, advantages and disadvantages of each. ACS and Zope both have pros and cons, with some engineering issues being discussed so we can educate ourselves on both sides.

I am enjoying this thread a lot and hope it goes on.

About the issue of people not knowing how to program to build websites, this is clear. I can "build" an entire website using my Netscape Composer, or Dreamweaver (brr) or whatever. This is not what's being discussed.

The thing is that it has been noted and dicussed in many places (including this thread) that Zope is difficult to grasp, is difficult to start getting results with. The thread went on to try to find out why from people that know Zope. Same with the ACS approach.