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Posted by tammy m on
Hi again,

Incidentally, "openacs" is a pretty confusing and thus bad name to pick for your own custom CVS project. There's a reason you see examples using "mysite" or whatever instead... Much clearer to pick some name suggestive of your project, "big-client-inc", "subverge-fork", "tammy-loves-openacs", whatever.

Yeah I agree my choice of names for my cvs project is not so good. I did this from some sample docs when I was just toying with the idea of using OACS and then of course, it became a reality and it never got changed. It is annoying and not informative. But I don't have the courage to try and rename my cvs project after this fiasco! ;(

And I'm really glad it sounds like the consensus is that my vendor and release branches are ok. I read a lot of Fogel last night and I was thinking they might be too. Yay.

Thanks a ton for all the help and patience guys. And Russell, no worries, you got me thinking and made me brush up on my cvs which I clearly needed to. And I am also quite good at making things much more complicated than they need to be. I appreciated the companionship on my latest venture down that path;)