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22: Re: cvs woes (response to 1)
Posted by tammy m on
I'm going to assume nothing is wrong with my "bad" import other than the tag is named deceptively and I can't checkout a full OACS-4-6-3 on it as the name implies. And I'll rename the tag as Andrew suggests.

Ok so one last lame question then... is the following true? When I import on my vendor branch (correctly!), the imported files just become head of the trunk if no changes were ever made to them? And if changes were made, when I update or commit in my working copy, I will find out and have to merge then? There is no separate merge needed like when a branch is created and work done there, you have to merge back the changes to the trunk to see them in the working copy (after update|checkout)? So importing is effectively applying the files imported to my trunk head.

And I used cvsgraph on a few files and it looks weird. Maybe I'm not reading it right but it looks like my "release branch" branched off the vendor import branch for files in OACS base code but for a file that is new and doesn't exist in OACS base code, it looks like it branched off the main branch (as desired and expected)! Anyone wanna take a look and tell me if I am misinterpreting the cvsgraph?

I was feeling good about the release branch commands having worked right too... ugh. Wait a minute, I checked out using the release tag and it got me what I expected: latest OACS base (latest I had imported, before the 4-6-3 import disaster) plus my own additions. How could it be branching off the vendor branch then?

Actually looking closer at the cvsgraph of the new file (added by me, not in OACS base), it looks like the release is tagged correctly. The root_of_release tag is on the trunk and the __branch tag is branching off the trunk at that point. Of course on the other file (existing in OACS codebase) maybe it makes sense the root_of_release tag appears to be on the vendor branch for this file. It is where the file was first imported, thus it's first version lives there. me thinks...

I think cvsgraph display is just more confusion on my overtaxed mind this morning. Ugh. I have to stop thinking about this... that is the solution!!!

Anyway if ya wanna look at cvsgraphs of my tree the links are above. Back to coding today. Thanks so much for all the help:)

24: Re: cvs woes (response to 22)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Yes, the special behavior of vendor branches is as you decribe. I never really dug into why or how CVS does implements that, but that's the behavior I remember always seeing.

Also, I've never used cvsgraph nor gone over how CVS treats branch revision numbers with a fine toothed come, but what you're describing there sounds normal to me, Tammy.

Ugh. I have to stop thinking about this... that is the solution!!!

:) It is rather ironic that in this case, had you been completely clueless and just ignored everything, you'd never have noticed the mistake in your cvs import command, you never would have suspected any problems at all, and everything, coincidentally, would have been fine!

26: Re: cvs woes (response to 24)
Posted by tammy m on

:) It is rather ironic that in this case, had you been completely clueless and just ignored everything, ... everything would have been fine!


That didn't escape me, Andrew. Thanks for bringing it up! I just felt my stomache sink as I realized the import command was wrong after I hit return and watched the output whiz by. Shoulda read it more clearly and not totally panicked, aye? Thanks for setting my head straight again, feels much better that way:)