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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Looks like your original "bad" cvs import somehow did what you wanted, rather than what you told it to do, and everything is fine. I tried a similar cvs import yesterday and it put the files in the wrong place just we both expected. But somehow, yours worked fine. Why, I've no idea, but sounds like some additional CVS magic going on behind the scenes there.

Having your tag named "OACS-4-6-3" only on the acs-automated-testing package is pretty confusing. You tagged the right thing, you just picked a confusing name for the tag. So I would put a new tag on the same spot, named "acs-automated-testing-oacs-4-6-3" or something like that, then remove the old "OACS-4-6-3". (That way when you later want to actually import all of OpenACS 4.6.3 you won't be confused about why you already have an "OACS-4-6-3" tag, etc.)