Forum .LRN Q&A: Problems using images inside a xml resource in a course using IMSLD

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i'm defining a new course using IMS-LD. The course has an activity which I defined as a xml file:

              <resource type="imsldcontent" identifier="resource-introduction" href="resources/introduction.xml">
                        <file href="resources/introduction.xml"/>

Inside the introduction.xml file I use some images and I can't see the images when I open the resource with dotLRN.

If I would define the activity as a HTML file, there wouldn't be any problem and dotLRN shows the images correctly.

Speaking with Olga, she told me that it seems to be problem of how is it managing the relative paths of the images.

In dotLRN, the paths created are:
- The course: http://server/dotlrn/classes/department/department.subject/class/file-storage/index?folder%5fid=14084

- The image is in:

- The path created in the XML:

Do you know how can this be solved??

Thanks, javier