Forum OpenACS Q&A: Server will only start on foreground.

When we try to start the service like this:

/usr/local/aolserver/bin/nsd-postgres -t /web/service0/etc/config.tcl -u service0 -g web

Everything seems to go fine and we got the message "Finish reading configuration file", but the site never starts.

The only way to start it is by adding the "-f" option.
This is a problem because once we close the sesion, the service dies.

We are running OACS 4.6.3 on Aolserver 3.3ad13 and Postgres 7.2.4 on Redhat 7.3


Posted by Samer Abukhait on
I guess something went wrong with your installation process.

Search Log file for errors when you start the server without -f, or post the log here

Posted by Tom Jackson on

Did you try

exec nsd -it nsd.tcl -u user ...

The i is for 'installed'.

Posted by Dirk Gomez on

You can always use screen to make your session survive logouts.

That of course is just a temporary remedy. My bet is that there is logfile or a pid file that is owned by a different user and service0 doesn't have permission to override it. Could you try this.