Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Article on ACS x Zope

Posted by Roberto Mello on
"Zope had 474 *.py files and 221 *.dtml ACS had 2361 *.tcl files and 105 *.adp

This can mean whatever you want. I'm not implying anything. It is just interesting data. And not all of the *.py files are Zope per se, some are a part of the included Python interpreter."

Hmm, I'm currently reviewing OpenAccess and untarred 3,326 files in 226 folders.

Really ? So you judge one tool's technical aspects by the number of files in it ? Pathetic. And what the heck is OpenAccess ? Let's see how much it means... Here's a list of the ACS modules that are ready off-the-shelf withouth ANY programming, creating of tables, objects or whatever. Please post here which of these modules come with Zope so we can use the number of files in an aspect where it matters.

Adserver, Banner Ideas, Content Sections, Custom Sections, Content Tagging, Display, Dynamic Publishing System (integrated with ACS release 4.0 as of summer 2000), FAQ, General Comments, General Permissions, Graphing, Modules, New Stuff, News, Permissions, Poll, Press, Prototype Builder, Redirects, Robot Detection, Spam, Tools, Curriculum, Customer Relationship Management, Email Handler, Member Value, Portals, User Administration, User Groups, User Profiling and Content Categorization, User Registration and Access Control, User Session Tracking, Address Book, BBoards, Bookmarks, Calendar, Chat, Calendar Widget, Contact Manager, File Storage, Intranet, Ticket, WimpyPoint, Classifieds, E-commerce, Neighbor to Neighbor, Audit, Data Warehouse, Directory, Download, Site-Wide Search, Static.