Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to web hosting services supporting postgresql?

I am excited that several people are preparing to jump into the OpenACS hosting business. The more readily available OpenACS hosting the more open source development we're likely to see on the ACS.

On that note I have a general question for potential hosting service providers. . .

I have been working on a couple of small sites for dirt poor non-profits. Since the server space does not cost me too much I have been footing the bill myself. As I prepare to switch these over to OpenACS I need to keep the cost of each IP down so that I can continue to benefit the NGO community. I am now hosting three or four small, low traffic sites, each with its own domain name. I'd prefer to keep seperate IPs (it now costs me about eight dollars per IP to do so) but if IPs are expensive would I be allowed to put them all on the same one and write a script to handle redirection?