Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What *should* a good architecture Look Like?

I just thought I'd give you guys some information I got this morning from Karl Goldstein.  This is a copy of an email he returned.

Hi David,

<blockquote>>>>> "David" == David Richards <> writes:

    David> Hello, I'm kind of a newbie in the ACS world.  I've spent 5
    David> or 6 months reading Philip's book, loading and configuring
    David> the toolkit, and doing this and that with it.  I've kind of
    David> migrated over to the openACS partially for now--I'm just
    David> small fries today, and so are my clients.

    David> Over at the openACS, there's a lot of discussion about
    David> adding an abstract presentation layer.  Your solution seems
    David> to be the favorite among all informed.  However, we have
    David> some questions regarding what will actually be implemented
    David> in ACS 4.0.  Since we need to convert those parts of the
    David> toolkit that are Oracle specific, we are a little wary
    David> about which ACS versions are converted, which add-on
    David> modules are converted, etc.

Yea, this business with Oracle/postgres is agonizing.  I admire you
guys for trying to deal with it.

    So, as far as you know, will
    David> your Dynamic Publishing System 1.0 be a package in ACS 4.0?

Yes, DPS will be two modules starting with ACS 3.3: templates and
form manager.

    David> Or will 4.0 take another aproach to this abstraction layer?
    David> Right now, the best we can do is just search the Arsdigita
    David> pages for any clues as to where this part of the ACS is
    David> headed.

    David> Also, I've been doing a conversion of your 0.4 code because
    David> I've got to decide on a working model to use really quickly
    David> here.  I know that on your installation page you warned us
    David> of using the DPS with AOLserver 3.0--that it's buggy, etc.
    David> Is this still the case?  Any specific areas I could take a
    David> look at?

I've written a patch for the ADP parser that fixes the specific
problems I was encountering.  It's part of the AOLserver binary
release and also available from

    David> Finally, after following your installation instructions, I
    David> was left with 2 files in the /template directory of your
    David> source.  index.tcl and template.el.  I haven't had time to
    David> look at those yet.  Do they belong somewhere?

template.el is a sort of abortive attempt to write some macros to
make it easier to write the spec files in emacs.  index.tcl is
just a redirect to the doc directory...

    David> Thanks,

    David> David Richards