Forum OpenACS Q&A: AOLServer installation walkthrough?

Does there exist any more succinct guide to getting a simple AOLServer installation running than the administrator guide?
Posted by joe short on
Good question. After multiple install/uninstalls, I've finally succeded. Certainly the process of decrypting the aolserver admin guide has improved my overall understanding, but the stress may have also taken months off my life. Obviously the problem lies in that fact that whomever is responsible for writing the guide assumes the reader knows their way around an operating system and has installed a server previously. I've come to believe this is as it should be. Translating the guide is similar to translating a dead language: go word by word, if necessary, and in the end you'll find it's all there. So my answer is no, but I commiserate fully.
Posted by Roberto Mello on
I wrote a simple AOLserver installation guide, which is part of the OpenACS 3.2.2 final release, that should come out next week. I also wrote a simple PG installation guide (also part of OpenACS docs).

If you want, I can e-mail them to you.

4: new openacs docs (response to 1)
Posted by matt wilkie on
"if you want I can email them to you"

yes please :)


Posted by Roberto Mello on
Just put all the new OpenACS documentation at . You can also get it from the SourceForge CVS.

Note that at any time we can modify things in the documentation to reflect changes in OpenACS and the above will take a while to be refreshed, but for now it's the most up-to-date documentation available. Hope this helps.

Posted by Paco 6083 on

I am working whit dotLRN and I am starting to know this field. I have tryed to install postgresql and aolserver but I have gotten problems.

Please you might send me the installation guide that you have written.

Thank you for your soon answer.


Posted by Jade Rubick on
Paco, I believe the best documentation is at:

If you have problems there, you can post them here and someone may help out.