Forum OpenACS Q&A: Problems with accessing the moduls after installaton

Hi all,
I have installed AOL server 3 on my machine (Linux). I have the
postgres running without problems and on the right place.
Also the data model of ACS is loaded in the database correctly but
when I start the server I get only the /doc content of the ACS. When I
tryed to go to /admin or /private or some of the other I get the error
- Not found on this server.
Does somebody have and idea what to do in order to overcome this?
I don't think there's a directory "private", there's one "pvt".

<p>Do you have your "ns_param PageRoot" param set in your nsd.tcl (the AOLserver config file ?). Mine is set like this :

set pageroot              /web/${servername}/www

ns_section "ns/server/${servername}"
        ns_param  directoryfile  $directoryfile
        ns_param  pageroot        $pageroot

<p>Where "servername" is the server name, assigned to this var in the top of the nsd.tcl (e.g. set servername "server1").