Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Missing tclsh on Solaris - how to fix?

Posted by Dave Hwang on
It's looking for /usr/ucb/cc, but apparently you don't have the developer packages installed on that box. You could try forcing the make to use gcc instead (assuming you have gcc installed) and see if that lets it build.

On the other hand , you can find binaries (solaris packages, actually) for useful free software at That site can be slow, so I usually use a mirror like

If you look in the ftp archive, you can find older versions. Just go to the appropriate directory (Sparc|Intel/solaris-version) and grab the package you want.

Once you get a package, the steps for installation (assuming you have root access) are:

  • gunzip package_name.gz
  • pkgadd -d package_name